Monday, December 03, 2007

I want to be at the beach…

When the Sun rises,
When I struggle to open my eyes..
When I wake up to the warmth
When it shines & reminds
Of the things bright and light …of fun & frolic…of black & white…and of course..the greys!
I want to be at the beach..
To play with the sand
To make and break castles and...moments...
To feel the tide and shore
To unfeel the sand beneath
To blow a balloon…
For that kid who looks at me with those wide marble-honey-eyes….
I want to be at the beach…
From dawn to dusk…
Laze around,listen to a song or two or even sing one to the skies….
Take a walk…
Entertain the kid in me…
Feel content
And come home ... when I have soiled myself with refreshed insanity!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bedtime talk...

I wanted to write so many things right from the moment I got onto the train to this moment. I kind of have short term memory loss. Putting it the Tamil way…Gajini! The lines I frame when I am on the train are piled upon by those when I am in the auto and by those when I am on a walk and so on!!
Hmm…I just had my first beach experience with the tide and wave…touching my feet and then...taking away all the sand beneath making me an inch shorter! And then…there is panipuri on the beach that, though, dwarfed the Besant nagar barista, couldn’t match that of Hyderabad!!
I have understood quite a bit of the city in these 3 days. Pretty good with 1/3 rd of it!! Quick, I know!! Hehe!! Moreover, it didn’t seem like a new place at all…all thanks to Mr.Mani Ratnam, Mr.Kadir etc…!! The sad part about Chennai is that the autos aren’t metered. One just has to pay whatever the autowallah demands if one doesn’t know the language and the place. Had I been thrown into some other place of India, things would have been much easier with Hindi. But TN is one place where no other language comes in handy!! All I know is “Tamil teriyadu!!” which means “I don’t know/cant speak Tamil!!”. Adi da sangathi!!
I have already started romanticizing the city. There is so much more to this city…the dirty yet traffic-free-happy roads…well connected transits…the “Sakhi” train (by which I happened to travel on the very first day in the city!!)…and much more!! After all, it’s a city!!Hehe!! This is what I call travelling! Go around, know the culture, the people…and at the end of a month or so…I must have learnt so much that a novice in the city might start believing that I have lived here for ages!!I don’t have to work on that as a project!!Do i? Little observation, instead of dozing off while on the bus or train, should do!! Yeah…I did visit hell for the past two days on my way to find a place to live…but I have ‘something’ to tell my grandkids!!Or even my kids!!Hehe!! I had loads in my head to write…some one liners…some pjs…and some decent jokes too!! Lekin is waqt…I am too tired to recollect anything…!! For now, I will be tough to myself and put down this one line…
“It’s all on the other side of the wall. Some stay, some grope and some …travel!!”

Thursday, November 01, 2007


“For nearly all we do in life, perception, even of the facts, is still the name of the game. Perception rascal can’t really be ignored. Hence, it follows that the only truth about truth is the true fallacy in the eyes of another! “

“Am I what I talk? Or what I choose to talk? Or what I don’t talk or what I choose not to talk??”

“Let each day say, ‘I DO’ instead of ‘Captain, may I?’

(Actually,shouldn't be a problem if it is Captain Jack Sparrow!!:p)

The first one from some random read, the second a random back-to-square-one thought and the third…a ‘Rand’om musing!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One, two, three...Maharaja mixie!!

One: Psychic and not-at-all-innocent observation:
“Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live”.

Two: Something original:
“I don’t suffer from insanity. It’s just that I enjoy every moment of it!”
Too good to believe that I came up with a line like this!!

Three: Age old musing…known to all, painful in choice to most and answered in ease by few!!

“If you could be happy, really happy, for just a while, but you knew from the start that it would end in sadness, and bring pain afterwards, would you choose to have that happiness or would you avoid it?”

What’s the conclusion????
Not a million dollar question at all. I am jobless,in every sense of the word!!Simple!!
Hey!!What about the maharaja now??I'll tell you!I have waited for quite sometime in patience to see if this certain 'she(i)k' is worth anything!Having watched 'laaga chunari mein daag'(or aag!!who cares?)...I cant help saying that this raja will,probably,never grow to be a maharaja!!All that he will be all his life is the son of a maharaja and the husband of a maharani!!Now that's what I call a genuine "mtv bakra" both in life and on the movie,which proved that he doesn't have a screen presence,not even that that matched Kunal Kapoor's or even Paresh Rawal's!!(Oh!How much I love these two guys!!For two different reasons!!)Who calls Mr.Abhishek Bachchan a HERO....or even an actor??

Oh!Do you?


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I told u...I told u he is God!!

This is Ilayaraja's composition using 3 notes..yeahhh..just the 3 notes:SA-RE-GA of carnatic and C,D,E of western!Hey,those of you who can't sit through 7 mins,(which,i think,is not really difficult!arey thats just a tiny p.c of what you spend on orkut!come on,try!anyway,if u insist,)just move to the second half of the 3rd minute and check out his orchestration!!Just close your eyes when the instrumental starts and you will know the feel!!Kalaposhana ekkuvainda??Thappadu..!!Aa matram lekapothe madisiki godduki theda yetuntaadi??
I am tired of giving adjectives to that guy in white.He is God.That's it!

Hmm..dil kya chahta hain??

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jill Jill jiga!!

First things first!Loser...what an apt both my blog and me!!Yeah...big loser...thats what I am..undoubtedly,for umpteen reasons!!lol!!

Just trying to avoid talking about my stupid exam…so let the effort be!

Last bench seatingu…magazines (sing novels'u') readingu...interval ke waitinguuuuuu!!Hehe!!This is the only thing that I can identify myself with, in the movie...apart from taking snoopy to a walk!!Lol!!
Just loved [;)] the ma-ayya-mla-rajesh character!!
Two and a half hours of pure fun, it was!!

Watched a lot of movies…those ranging from a top class to those that are very categorically C graders!! Khair…kum se kum cd shop wale ka business tho chal rahi hain!! I am sure I am paying atleast 50% of his revenues!!Aur karna bhi chahoon tho kya karoon??I guess I will pass through one whole cycle of festivals before I get to work!!

Couldn’t watch potter 5…out of Imax now!! :((

Missing violin terribly.

Thought I should get back to spending lovely early mornings at KBR, considering that I have 2 more months (only!) in Hyderabad. So, ignoring all the mess about festival and mom’s constant complaints about her not getting enough help on the festival day, I drove away. I started feeling irky about the way oldies looked at me…guess what sentence started ringing in my ears?!
“Pehle baap ke paison se fast food khaana, phir usee ke paison se Nike shoes khareedna! Kya generation hain!!”.I am sure that’s what their looks meant!!Lol!! But its great fun to be there at that hour listening to fm on my lovely lovely mobile! Now, whats with me?? Noticeably, I have great affection towards all the non-living things I possess.. my bike, my car, my mobile, my chap stick, my pc, my TV, my ipod…etc etc, though I haven’t poured a single penny into them!! Hehe!! I know, I am crazy!!

Should get back to reading…classics yet to be finished!

Current track: Jilibili palukula chilipiga palikina o mynah mynah.....another classic by ‘laya’raja!

Monday, September 24, 2007

For the love of cricket!

Promises are meant to be broken. :D

Ya. We won and that’s a strong enough reason to be posting. Isn’t it?

Theories. Proven wrong.
And cricket wins.

Anyone who said T20 is entirely a batsmen’s heaven should watch the figures closely…
Figures like 3-16 by Mr. Pathan.

Everyone should agree that ‘chak de’ is not limited to bollywood!! :-))

Ah! Peace.

P.S. I loved the Australian team outfit this time!! Nice yellow with a smart skin-fit grey!! Wow!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ad hos

Really donno what to post….this is coming just out of exhaustion…or say out of emptiness or…oh forget it!!

Current track: Pehla nasha…since 8 AM. And it is still running!!
Current book : Shantaram….not going at the pace I wanted it to!
Current academic indulgence: Official guide…now this is one thing that makes me feel content!!
Current errand: Settling my room…which is at its best dust-bin-ish version.
Current habit : A certain homo-sapien...sorry..a certain being which hasnt been transformed completely into a homo-sapien,yet!!still on the way!!
Current apprehension: GMAT GMAT GMAT…oh how much I wish…sshh!!Not gonna say it! No …no. it’s not about the score!!
Current addiction: always was and so will it remain forever!!

Oh!!Whatever….will be back (unless something really pulls me!!) only after the D-day!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is why I luvvvv 'The Hindu'!!

"Many a man who falls in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl!"-In-telli-gent fellow!!


Friday, August 17, 2007


Extremely someone who struggled on a happy weekend to change the face of my template!!Ask for something in return...I am bribing you!!lol!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


"Don't knock the weather;nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it din't change once in a while."- Some wise fellow!!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Depressing nonsense!!

Move through the history of mankind, you find that an artist is always an outsider, a non-conformist, a rebel. He forces society to look at itself and come to terms with its thoughts. People are scared of facing such thoughts, and this kind of mass lynching of the artist is an effort to purge themselves of all such disconcerting sub-conscious processes. We hate most in other people what we recognize as hateful in ourselves, it scares us and we attack the creator.

I'm lovin' it!! Best lines ever read...of course..apart from Roark's!!

One of the protests India should witness.Isn’t it?

Kudos to the spirit of journalism esp., that displayed by the Hindu!!

P.S: Needless to say, italicized part from the Sunday magazine.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Inthakanna anandamemi!??!

One cool, breezy morning … with the Lord of mornings still feeling lazy to look out of the puffy clouds….after the rain, which has come as a relief in the scorching summer and has left its traces all over the place….a good 10km drive on an almost no-traffic necklace road takes me to play… (With occasional peeps out of the window with scenic view!!)
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Aabhogi ragam:

Evvari bodhana vini – eelaagu jesevuraa????
Javamuga nannelara—Seshachalendra—Sri Venkateswara!!
Maarubaari korvajaalanuraa!!

aah!!music n lyrics eh!!

P.S: MS Word detects sri venkateswara as Sri Venkateswara!!!! And tats my violin!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Adi nene!!

aa cam pattindi nene!!explore chesindi nene!!
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aa photo theesindi nene!!adi nene!!
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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Retrospect….20-20!! (Read it: 4 years in BITS (n pieces)…err…VNR!)

I am done with the trouble of undergraduation!!Now I can call myself… (At least I could) a civil engineer.

All these years, I have (lets give it an ascending chronological order…cut chesthe…1st yr racing to final!!):

1. Stepped into the college each day with disgust (read it: with one sentence ringing in my ears “cheppina mata vinaledu…bharinchu 4 yrs”…by everyone possible, back home!!)

2. Then tried to figure out what civil engineering is like…well…obviously it sucked…so I turned my attention(partially though) towards the human beings, who just existed for me.
Well, that only made things worse….they ceased to exist!!

3. Stopped attending classes after 2 r 3 months…may be that’s too late a realization!!

4. Finished the 1st year JNTU examinations in complete horror!!

5. turned successful with a whopping 97 in the most dreadful graphics!!
(Note: I wouldn’t have termed it successful had it not been for EAMCET.)

6. within no time, earned the label(s) of ‘arrogant gal’, ‘too- happy –with- ones ‘self’ image, ‘show –off’, ‘too much of pride to live with’, etc.

7. Had certain dreams of engineering crashed to earth. (Except for my bike….which gave me solitude at the cost of petrol, though!!)

8. Digested the reality and spent all my productive time in earning percentage….which I never repent for the only reason of being transitively placed in CTS.

9. Read quite a bit and found all time favourites!!Read papillon which had slapped me right in the face about my take on life…at that time, of course!!

10. Attended a summer camp at IITK.Felt entirely rejuvenated in life after having spent a month among mortals!!

11. Been to kerala…just to realize that before I talk about traveling, I should first complete kerala…in every possible sense! Fell in love with the place!!

12. Started enjoying life at college day after day for umpteen reasons and was completely content with the two friends I managed to talk with!!

13. Had absolutely memorable combined study sessions!!

14. Had ok-ok time at T.I.M.E!!

15. Spent hours and hours searching for bhabhi!!

16. Th December…that’s when it actually happened! The wedding!!

17. Started taking violin classes!!

18. Spent a morose life watching movies all through the last semester….

19. Came out of college with zero nostalgia!!

20. Spent the last day of college writing an exam, playing on a concert, and dining out with a dearest one!!

P.S. I don’t want to write, I donno what to write or there are too many things on my mind to write!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


(For those of u who might be still wondering what it is…it is this potion (some kind of a wizardly juice in Harry Potter !!) to get lucky!!!)

Hmm…..I want it…I want it…how long???Well …donno yet…lets see…

While I am giving CAT…n then on the day of my results…n then on the day of GD n PI….n not to miss...The day of final lists…
Then on the day I go to attend for a visiting visa…..
And then on the day I get home late from a movie….
And on the day my favorite movies release….
And on the day I get my credit card bill…..
N not to forget…. on the day I get my phone bill…
And on the day of my violin concert…just not to forget the notes…
And on almost every single day…when there is a traffic jam…
And the list goes like this…
Most importantly…on every other day when my mom n dad bring up the weirdly and weary issue of marriage!!

N so on ….for I want to get lucky every single day of my life…

So…after I have given it a deep thought….one thing stuck me!! (Knowledge is like a flash…u know…hehe!!)…whether I get lucky or not…I would rather prefer feeling lucky…not every single day…but every single moment!!

Life is short …live it up!!
Cheers to me …me …n me!!