Sunday, May 27, 2007

Depressing nonsense!!

Move through the history of mankind, you find that an artist is always an outsider, a non-conformist, a rebel. He forces society to look at itself and come to terms with its thoughts. People are scared of facing such thoughts, and this kind of mass lynching of the artist is an effort to purge themselves of all such disconcerting sub-conscious processes. We hate most in other people what we recognize as hateful in ourselves, it scares us and we attack the creator.

I'm lovin' it!! Best lines ever read...of course..apart from Roark's!!

One of the protests India should witness.Isn’t it?

Kudos to the spirit of journalism esp., that displayed by the Hindu!!

P.S: Needless to say, italicized part from the Sunday magazine.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Inthakanna anandamemi!??!

One cool, breezy morning … with the Lord of mornings still feeling lazy to look out of the puffy clouds….after the rain, which has come as a relief in the scorching summer and has left its traces all over the place….a good 10km drive on an almost no-traffic necklace road takes me to play… (With occasional peeps out of the window with scenic view!!)
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Aabhogi ragam:

Evvari bodhana vini – eelaagu jesevuraa????
Javamuga nannelara—Seshachalendra—Sri Venkateswara!!
Maarubaari korvajaalanuraa!!

aah!!music n lyrics eh!!

P.S: MS Word detects sri venkateswara as Sri Venkateswara!!!! And tats my violin!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Adi nene!!

aa cam pattindi nene!!explore chesindi nene!!
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aa photo theesindi nene!!adi nene!!
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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Retrospect….20-20!! (Read it: 4 years in BITS (n pieces)…err…VNR!)

I am done with the trouble of undergraduation!!Now I can call myself… (At least I could) a civil engineer.

All these years, I have (lets give it an ascending chronological order…cut chesthe…1st yr racing to final!!):

1. Stepped into the college each day with disgust (read it: with one sentence ringing in my ears “cheppina mata vinaledu…bharinchu 4 yrs”…by everyone possible, back home!!)

2. Then tried to figure out what civil engineering is like…well…obviously it sucked…so I turned my attention(partially though) towards the human beings, who just existed for me.
Well, that only made things worse….they ceased to exist!!

3. Stopped attending classes after 2 r 3 months…may be that’s too late a realization!!

4. Finished the 1st year JNTU examinations in complete horror!!

5. turned successful with a whopping 97 in the most dreadful graphics!!
(Note: I wouldn’t have termed it successful had it not been for EAMCET.)

6. within no time, earned the label(s) of ‘arrogant gal’, ‘too- happy –with- ones ‘self’ image, ‘show –off’, ‘too much of pride to live with’, etc.

7. Had certain dreams of engineering crashed to earth. (Except for my bike….which gave me solitude at the cost of petrol, though!!)

8. Digested the reality and spent all my productive time in earning percentage….which I never repent for the only reason of being transitively placed in CTS.

9. Read quite a bit and found all time favourites!!Read papillon which had slapped me right in the face about my take on life…at that time, of course!!

10. Attended a summer camp at IITK.Felt entirely rejuvenated in life after having spent a month among mortals!!

11. Been to kerala…just to realize that before I talk about traveling, I should first complete kerala…in every possible sense! Fell in love with the place!!

12. Started enjoying life at college day after day for umpteen reasons and was completely content with the two friends I managed to talk with!!

13. Had absolutely memorable combined study sessions!!

14. Had ok-ok time at T.I.M.E!!

15. Spent hours and hours searching for bhabhi!!

16. Th December…that’s when it actually happened! The wedding!!

17. Started taking violin classes!!

18. Spent a morose life watching movies all through the last semester….

19. Came out of college with zero nostalgia!!

20. Spent the last day of college writing an exam, playing on a concert, and dining out with a dearest one!!

P.S. I don’t want to write, I donno what to write or there are too many things on my mind to write!!