Thursday, December 10, 2009


explain things
I understand.
bother to detail
I know.
trouble yourself
I am convinced.
think twice to hurt
I ll be happy.

Dont walk over me
And tell me I was for granted.
For all you know,
IT might have been killed.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Miss you baby! Certainly. People called it foolishness to hang on to you any further. Baby, I had no choice. Ever since I saved you from the last accident, I was counting my days with you. I knew the happiness has begun to end. And one day you refused to respond. You put yourself on the death bed. I tried my best to make you stay. In life. With me. I wanted to put you back in pink of your health. It wouldnt have costed me much. Neither was I worried about the insult people would pour upon me if I clinged on to you. All I was worried was...can I survive? There would definitely be a day when you would refuse to respond. Like you did.Can I survive then? Reason. Thats all I wanted. Reason to leave you. I was searching. And you gave me enough. Just enough. Or I thought so.

You have no idea how much I wanted you to stay. I tried in vain to get a close substitute. And failed miserably. How stupid I was to even hope that there would be a substitute.I have your song ringing in my head. In full cognizance, I let it ring. Thats all that gives me peace these days. Your memory.

But baby, the new acquaintance, I must tell you, is way superior to you. There is so much to be explored and learnt except that I have no incentive. There are so many qualities that I have never found in you. More than what I ever asked for. I admit. Of what use is superiority when comfort doesnt trot along, honey? I admit. I am not comfortable. Indifference, I cant attain. I have to live alongside, day in-day out. Diplomacy, I am not good at.

Heard a wise person say, "You never miss anyone you haven't lost." Baby, tell me honestly, have I lost you? If not, why do I miss you? Is it your absence or the new presence thats troubling the most?

P.S: I have disowned you. There is nothing much we can do now apart from the obituary. I would also do my blog the honour of posting your pic here. Soon.