Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bedtime talk...

I wanted to write so many things right from the moment I got onto the train to this moment. I kind of have short term memory loss. Putting it the Tamil way…Gajini! The lines I frame when I am on the train are piled upon by those when I am in the auto and by those when I am on a walk and so on!!
Hmm…I just had my first beach experience with the tide and wave…touching my feet and then...taking away all the sand beneath making me an inch shorter! And then…there is panipuri on the beach that, though, dwarfed the Besant nagar barista, couldn’t match that of Hyderabad!!
I have understood quite a bit of the city in these 3 days. Pretty good with 1/3 rd of it!! Quick, I know!! Hehe!! Moreover, it didn’t seem like a new place at all…all thanks to Mr.Mani Ratnam, Mr.Kadir etc…!! The sad part about Chennai is that the autos aren’t metered. One just has to pay whatever the autowallah demands if one doesn’t know the language and the place. Had I been thrown into some other place of India, things would have been much easier with Hindi. But TN is one place where no other language comes in handy!! All I know is “Tamil teriyadu!!” which means “I don’t know/cant speak Tamil!!”. Adi da sangathi!!
I have already started romanticizing the city. There is so much more to this city…the dirty yet traffic-free-happy roads…well connected transits…the “Sakhi” train (by which I happened to travel on the very first day in the city!!)…and much more!! After all, it’s a city!!Hehe!! This is what I call travelling! Go around, know the culture, the people…and at the end of a month or so…I must have learnt so much that a novice in the city might start believing that I have lived here for ages!!I don’t have to work on that as a project!!Do i? Little observation, instead of dozing off while on the bus or train, should do!! Yeah…I did visit hell for the past two days on my way to find a place to live…but I have ‘something’ to tell my grandkids!!Or even my kids!!Hehe!! I had loads in my head to write…some one liners…some pjs…and some decent jokes too!! Lekin is waqt…I am too tired to recollect anything…!! For now, I will be tough to myself and put down this one line…
“It’s all on the other side of the wall. Some stay, some grope and some …travel!!”

Thursday, November 01, 2007


“For nearly all we do in life, perception, even of the facts, is still the name of the game. Perception rascal can’t really be ignored. Hence, it follows that the only truth about truth is the true fallacy in the eyes of another! “

“Am I what I talk? Or what I choose to talk? Or what I don’t talk or what I choose not to talk??”

“Let each day say, ‘I DO’ instead of ‘Captain, may I?’

(Actually,shouldn't be a problem if it is Captain Jack Sparrow!!:p)

The first one from some random read, the second a random back-to-square-one thought and the third…a ‘Rand’om musing!!