Thursday, July 30, 2009


Couldnt make it to the placement committee.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Emotional/Nostalgic weekend

Posessions that had once adorned the walls of my room. Well, I no longer have any room that I can call 'mine'. Was disposing bundles of these just coz I did not feel emotionally connected anymore. Of course,some survived this mass destruction of memories or rather things that I have preserved for more than 7 years now.There were faceless names,nameless cards and then there were words written in every form, on every card that failed to fill my eyes with those happy tears, that failed to,even remotely,connect with the emotion that I must have possibly felt when I first held them in my hands and that failed to stand the test of time.All I was doing was open,see,decide and then pile the respective heaps.Mechanically.And those that survived, would have survived anyway!!

Weddings of best friends are really tricky. Suddenly there is a whole lot of family around her and makes you feel little and unimportant. There I go and the photographer says,"Randi Madam! Atleast meerosthe aina navvutharemo ee madam!" and then I stand right in front of her only to see the sense of relief on her face,the happiness that my presence gave her in her eyes and most of all,the hug that indicates the magnitude of disappointment I have saved her from!Happy married life!! To someone who has taught me cooking,grooming and most of all...caring!!

Some people are so genuine. Nature's law prevents them from being around me for a longer time and grants them something called a VISA to the U S of A.Damn!!And then they they did the day before.Good luck gal!To someone who shares my career aspirations!

Not fair.Subjecting an already confused,emotionally weak heart and soul to further tortures of bading good byes and bon voyages within a span of two days is just not fair. Objection adhyakshya!!:)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Like this...

Like the minds that wander
Like the eyes that blink
Like the thoughts that touch
Like the dreams that split
Like the winds that reach
Like the skies and the stars we share
May these drops that fell together
From the Heavens....
Teach me a thing or two
About life, love and death too...
Leave me wondering what would I do..
If only I had those last moments and of course few..

Pic courtesy: A forwarded mail.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

After a week...frm the breathless B-school!!

It feels lil weird to call the college a B-school given that the size is no larger than that of a large bungalow (and yes,it was donated by the Kothari's)! Pata nai kitne log the Kothari family mein and why on earth they needed this large a house!!And by the way,it is supposedly conducive for learning!!The hostel is great. When I say great, I bear in mind the worser parts of Chennai I have lived in. The food is good. Yet again, its just relativity.The dining area is by far, the best place in the college!! Its a soothingly ethnic area with a tiled roof and lotsa trees around and of course lotsa handsome guys around!!The entire environment is just absolutely optimal. I get just enough and as soon as I think of any discomfort, my purpose here clearly reminds me that I am supposedly a potential manager and every next assumption follows. Waise bhi...with a laptop(new,yet again a DELL) and Wi-Fi, how can I even allow myself to think of any discomfort?!

I couldnt have felt more belittled and couldnt have spent a more demoralising week!!Just started multitasking (way to go..i know)!! Just celebrated the 1st birthday of the batch. Working on accountancy assignment while posting this. Trust me. Understanding the language of business...u see!! =P Happy part of attending classes after a long long break is that the laptops are allowed and wi-fi works 24*7. Now it cant better for people who had been used to sneaking novels since ages!!

Things to feel nice about:
"Yaar tum itni achi hindi kaise bol sakthe hon?"--All thanks to Bollywood and of course Hyderabad!!
"Enna?Ninga Tamilian daa ne?"--All thanks to Cognizant!(And yeah! I miss my and then!:( For an entirely different set of reasons, though!=P)
And roomies. Bengali,Marathi(born and brought up in Bangalore,though) and a Bihari. Couldnt have fallen into a more complicated combination. Phir bhi...we have been laughing madly for the past one hour!!

Movie that could grab my time: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Asli masti tho Monday se shuru honewala hain!! All the clubs and committes' elections and interviews will be done by Monday and then starts the race!!

Will try to post as frequently as possible.=P