Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Way 2 go!

Months of mad work. Weeks of desperation. Then came pieces of good news from here and there. Funniest of all: IMT, Dubai. There was a day when I envied people who could afford BITS, Dubai. For ‘n’ reasons, this news did not seem exciting at all. All that was secondary. I still had all privilege of imagining life in Dubai. But then, I have heard myself asking....’Bomb blast lo pothey? Indian Hindu meeda attack…?? ‘ . It’s not that these factors are really stopping me from taking it up. Just that I was little struck by the immediate thoughts that have become so inevitable or that are so seemingly ‘natural’!! Wish people in parts of the globe could sleep more peacefully each night.

My brother often said, ‘If you think the only possible results are ‘pass’ and ‘fail’, you are missing something called ‘result withheld’!’. Had a good taste of this. ‘Waiting list’. What a thing it was!! Got all my patience extracted and tested! :)

Taking up MBA in an Indian college. OK. In Chennai. “What? Again? What’s wrong with you??” I smile to myself. What is so wrong with me??I like this place. For all the freedom, fun and life it has offered. I like it. For it has so much to explore and offers scope to explore comfortably at cheaper cost. The transport system is amazing. The city is so well connected that I actually started realizing how inferior Hyderabad is when it comes to traffic or alternate routes. Who said Chennai is all about Idli and Sambar? I can show you ‘n’ paratha points and authentic Punjabi Dhabas that provide real yummy food!! I don’t very much approve of the attitude of the natives towards the language or the way they make life miserable for outsiders. Or the autowallahs who charge fortune for distances that span from Prasad’s to Eat Street. So what if they have fervor towards their language?? I would make my life simpler by trying to learn and understand their language. If I don’t, there is not much difference left and I don’t deserve a right to argue. Do I? The next time you have questions about Chennai, come to me. I can teach you how to live here and watch Tamil movies! ;)
Working with tickets and resolutions crap even after a much-awaited resignation.
My track on the day of resignation…
‘Ennallo vechina udayammmmmmm
Eenaadeyyyy edurauthntey..
Inkaaa telavarademiii…ee cheekati vidipodemi…(2)’
If you are aware of this track with Mr. Kittigadu walking the roads singing this…I am sure you would have a good laugh!!
Villages make great weekend getaways. Sad that the villagers themselves didn’t know this. Worse that they wait for the people from cities to come and explore for them. God has His mysterious ways of taking people from one VILLAGE to another!! LOL!!
Alvida. Will be back with a fresh back-to-college post!