Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Name Is Khan

And I am not a terrorist. I guess this movie had very loudly, sternly, strongly, if not vehemently insisted, told that every Khan or Mohammed or Ali or Sultan is not a terrorist. I really dont care if the hero suffers from autism or cancer. I dont care who looks how or how the chemistry of a hot favourite couple has come about. I am glad. Just glad for the attempt.

I love this. Totally.

Mediocre 'Leader'

Expected a lil more from Sekhar Kammula. Except for brilliant expressions from Kota, surprise entry of long-forgotten Gollapudi and beautiful Telugu literature in the only romantic song which was anyway grossly picturised on a dumb heroine and Rana aka Avatar, movie fails to keep the audience with it. Just loved the song. A feel good 'Mickey Meyer' song. I like the way Naresh Iyer says 'Sindhooralu'. :)


Taara taara dooramaina chotaney aakasallo
Kanneeru velluvaithe venneley kabolu..
Ningi nela ekamaina poddulo sindhooralu..
Neeku nenu cheruvaina enduko dooralu..

Aasalanni maasipoye aamaney aahvaninchey
Shvasalele baasalanni badhalaipoyena..
Poola jadalo thokachukka guttuga uyyalugey..

Honestly, I cant help but fancy a guy who can actually think of and emote over trivial "Poolajada","Thokachukka" and "Uyyala". All in a line. Ok. I know. This kind doesnt exist.:D


Happiness. In all forms. At all times. Like...the early mornings. Reasons unknown. May be a birth disorder! :P