Saturday, May 04, 2013


It took a while before I could find the 'Create new post' button. So was it with LinkedIn. Surprised to see how the networking sites are on an everyday battle to keep the users. Phew!!

 For a long time, it kept occurring to me that blogging has lost its sheen because we all have shifted to 'short' opinions, updates and shorter quality moments. Is short really sweet? Or is it just a new 'smart' word for impatience? I do agree that it takes a lot of articulation to be concise and precise, all at the same time. Its quite a talent.To top it, it is a skill I never mastered. But I dont find myself reading anything that says 'Read more...' anymore!

 And oh how I cannot complete this post without a mention of the all-happy, all-celebrating vibrant social networking pages! I dont remember the last time I saw a worthy post that had as many likes or comments as a new profile picture. That established, it is interesting how a typical stream of news feed paints a beautiful picture of the world. At the risk of sounding all old and grown up, I must admit it bothers me how it influences the young adults into looking at the colorful 'perfect' world. And I need ask this question...Since when has Facebook become law? Why should anyone necessarily announce why and how happy they are? Besides, someone please help me with the definition of a 'private moment'!!