Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quarter life!

Met a man who turned 70 today, at the temple."This old age, I must say, is a curse. Especially with the knee joint pains!". He mentioned it is his birthday and that is why he is in temple and we exchanged "Happy birthday!".It was very difficult for him to stand and was requesting the pujari for a chair which he neatly ignored. We got him a chair and he sat down. And then he went on to talk about his family, children, his profession, their profession etc. 2 minutes later he started talking about his wife. I thought I was imagining, but I could see a thin layer of tears well up in his eyes behind those black carbon rimmed glasses, as he spoke . And then I heard his voice break. He wept. Said, "My wife passed away 10 yrs ago. 20 days before my daughter's wedding.Massive heart attack. Now my daughter has left for Dubai. I come here to pray." :). Yet again...


I really need to make some acknowledgements today. Not because I have stepped into 25th year of my life, but because of a certain achievement. I am not sure how big it is or what good it is going to do to me. But, I just feel like doing this.For all I know, I may not ever get another chance.

Amma, Nanna and Annayya for being what they are. I might have gotten into hundreds of arguments and might have heavily disagreed. Still, I am not what I am without them.

Saradamma..for being my mom for a substantial portion of my formative years. No matter what, I would never forget all the trouble I gave you during my early years, crying and crying over my painful ear and nose! Love you lots!

Sai...for all the patience,respect and trust.

Divya, Manju and Srikanth for all their support, especially emotional, during every single crisis.For all the time I have been given. For all the love. For all the unconditional friendship.

Keechu alias Niharika Aunty and Muzzu alias Ali for their conviction and commitment in converting the calls.

Krishna, Avi and Shiva for all the confidence they instilled in me.

Deepthi, Venkat, Varun and Aslesha for adding so much fun and color to my life.

Priyanka, for being a very very honest and down-to-earth human being.

Revathi Ma'am, Sr. Regi, VVS, Mrs.Venki, Mrs. Esther Isabel, Sr.Jessy Kurian,Gopala Krishna Sir and likes for believing in me and my potential to reach heights in my career.Thanks to all for treating all my success in a tone of normalcy saying,'Doesnt surprise me.You have it in you!'
(I have no idea what 'it' is!Needless to say, words are all they have!)

Mr. Sivakishan for his outstanding guidance all through undergrad and beyond that.

Leo, Janet, Magesh and Geetha for making my life so much more simpler in an otherwise alien 'software' world.

I would like to write 'Snoopy' on the blog.Just like that. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Refusal to learn is the worst ailment anybody can suffer from. Period.

Monday, November 09, 2009


I dont know why we have complicated meanings for simple words.Sleeplessness is fine,isnt it?Why should it be again called Insomnia?
Kaise Bataaye Kyun Tujhko Chaahe...
Yaara Bataa na Paaye..
Baatein Dilon ki Dekho Jo
Baaki Aankhen Tujhe Samjhaaye...
Tu Jaane Na...Tu Jaane Na...

Hooked up to this one,all night!
Havent done one productive piece of work for more than a week now. Unable to write. Talk. And...
Gotta sleep..hope the post on new travel blog comes out soon..