Wednesday, March 12, 2008


More than one reason to feel glad…good…and great.
Glad for having done things of which I have only dreamt for quite sometime…
Good about the elation and euphoria I could fill into them….
Great that I have something to tell my grandkids!!!
Commitment. It’s THE word. One has to agree.

Spending hours on the net…finding out what can be done…un-planning the plan ….that was what I did all through the week…”weekdays for the weekend”!!

I, so genuinely, thought I would write a mini-travelogue when I get back. But that’s not happening. Just not happening. I have been trying to put my experience into words for 3 days now…it’s just not happening.
Going somewhere with someone who knows all about it and someone who would be a guide throughout doesn’t give me as much kick as it would when I go with a bunch of zealots who are equally enthusiastic to explore…fearless and courageous…who don’t complain about the lack of food…or the sun…or the distance…who can put in 200p.c. into everything…ranging from bargaining for coconut water on the highway to making a pot to managing credit in a restaurant!! I really mean it now…when I say…”I had a great time!!”
I understand what it means to say…”nothing is lonelier than adventure”…I half-understood it while on “motorcycle diaries”…now…it’s more than just a line!!
It couldn’t have been better!! No.

Haven’t managed good pics at the temple. But this should do.

Will upload the pics over the weekend. All jealous people out there should wait in patience keeping in mind, the lack of resources. ;))

That’s the weekend part or rather the happy part of life. Let me make fun of the tragic weekdays!! Mainframes has fixed me quite a bit. And the corporate life too!! The truth dawns only when you realize that you have been typing your employee id and password to logon to Gmail and continuously press ctrl instead of enter and still can’t figure out why you aren’t able to login successfully…
Wait. There is more to it…you press F3 continuously and wait for the previous window to appear…and you still don’t figure out that it should be the ‘Back’ and not F3. And you are about to swipe the access card even in the restroom!!! Ya. Very soon you will begin to swipe it when you go home…at the doorbell!!
The happy part is that the office is just 2mins away from where I stay. Happy. No travelling expenses. No pollution.

Anyways…its time I moved out of the office.:))